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A consultancy with far-sightedness
A consultancy with

25 years
boosting companies

A consulting firm tailored to your needs

At Ikigai Consultants, we put at the service of our clients the experience and knowledge acquired over more than 30 years fulfilling different positions in the technical and organizational field of national and international food and pharmaceutical companies.






Our customers are permanently informed and involved in our activities.


We promote an efficient use of the resources and respectful with the future generations.


Our main objective is to ensure that our services are profitable for the customer.

Specialists in product development

Food and nutrition


Food and nutrition

Food industry

Detecting and taking advantage of the growth opportunities is key for the viability of business in such an innovative sector as the food industry. This requires in deep understanding of the industry and a high degree of technical and commercial specialization.


Food and beverage industries.


Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical.

Marine farming

Seaweed farming and aquaculture.

How can we help you?

You believe that your company is not keeping pace with the sector?

We help you on detecting the better growing options for your company, at both national and international level, and to develop the required strategies to take advantage of them.
Development of new products, international expansion or brand development are some of the services with which we can make your business grow.

Do you need to update the organizational processes of your company to your customer needs?

We help you on assessing the current processes in your company and to make them more efficient and profitable.
Human resources management, recruitment and personnel training, preparation of strategic plans, selection of key suppliers and supply chain management, are some of the services that we can offer you.

Your company is related to marine aquaculture or seaweed farming and you want to innovate or develop a new project?

We can help you by providing technical assistance, drafting of reports and projects and negotiation with other companies.
If you are a public organization that needs technical assistance for drafting or assesing projects related with marine aquaculture or seaweeds, we can also help you.

Do you want to innovate, optimize or improve the profitability of your food product range?

We help you on identifying the new food trends and adapting to them.
Development and improvement of formulations, analysis and optimization of manufacturing processes and improved food self-life, are some the services that we can provide you.

Podemos ayudarte a identificar las mejores opciones de crecimiento para tu negocio, tanto a nivel nacional como internacional, y desarrollar las estrategias necesarias para aprovecharlas. Desarrollo de nuevos productos, expansión a nivel internacional o desarrollo de marca son algunos de los servicios con los que podemos hacer crecer tu negocio.

Te ayudamos a evaluar el desempeño de todos los procesos de tu compañía e identificar las opciones de mejora ara ser más eficiente y rentable. Gestión de los recursos humanos, reclutamiento y formación de personal, elaboración de planes estratégicos, selección de proveedores clave y gestión de la cadena de suministro, son algunos de los servicios que podemos ofrecerte.

Contamos con la experiencia técnica necesaria para brindarte servicios como el acompañamiento, asistencia técnica, redacción de informes y proyectos y negociación con otras empresas u organismos públicos.

Identificación de nuevas tendencias alimentarias, desarrollo y mejora de formulaciones, análisis y optimización del proceso son algunos de los servicios que podemos prestarte.

Lo que dicen de nosotros